Listening to the Song

I recently was listening to a podcast from Tara Brach called Listening to the Song Part 2. This was a perfect example of my belief that music and life are one and the same.

Most of the thoughts that came from her talk are beyond my ability to write. But here are some.

Listen to your future self. When I think of my younger self, the farther back I go, the less judgment I feel. I know I would be a great ally to the really young child. So now as I try to make sense of myself in the world today, I often feel as confused and scared as I did back then. So I try to tune into my really really old self, like ten years from now. I do believe that if I listen very very carefully, I can hear his guidance.

It’s the same deep listening that I try to do when I play music with people.

When I listen to your soul I can’t hate you.

To listen is to lean in softly with a willingness to be changed by what we hear. – Mark Nepo

What if we found out that all the geniuses throughout history were just normal people who hadn’t caught the virus that tells us that if we think off the rails, we will suffer greatly.

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