Music is the Missing Piece

Music is the missing piece of language. We weren’t designed to use words alone. Music has always been essential to communication. Yet is has been co-opted by industry, leaving most people to feel cut out. We are a society with most of the population walking around missing a vital organ. 

We have been wiping out species at an accelerating rate. Without all-inclusive music we can easily be added to that list. I do believe that the human species can survive into the next millennial though. But not without all-inclusive music making. Survival without Everybody Music? Why would we want that? Would we even BE human without it? I don’t know why we’ve put so much attention on intelligence as the thing that makes us more special than all the other animals. Why not our ability to boogie down en-masse in perfect synchrony? Not more special, but totally unique.

If we are in truth in trouble as a species, can we get out of this mess the way we got in? I don’t think so. I see myself changing. I’m starting to see the hole in my soul for what it is. It’s as fake as the fantasy I’ve been trying to stuff in it. I’m starting to lose my separateness. It is different than my uniqueness. 

When I play music with people, I see my uniqueness connect with their uniqueness and form completely new uniquenesses. If there is a wall between us, it’s a fun wall to climb. I believe that this uniqueness spreads like the flu. Instead of making people sick, it turns them into visionaries. 

I’m turning into a visionary as we speak. If we are willing to not only look into the darkness of our collective soul but to live there, and while we’re there, if we can sing together, we will not only survive, we will thrive along with the other animals who will look at us and go, “fuckin’ A! Who woulda thought!”. 


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  1. Ange Chianese says:

    You are indeed the needed visionary for this time and place, Jon. Grateful to be a fellow traveler with you and for a model of the high bar you are reaching for. You got the lion’s share of love when they were giving that out. Yay, J!

    1. enjolis says:

      Like any good visionary, I can see in the dark. And I can see your glow in the dark visionary eyes.

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