The Spell of the Us and Them

The name of this song is Enough is Enough in solidarity to the Black Lives Matter movement to end the endless war on Black People. One phrase jumped out at me today as the most important line. The verse goes:

Enough is enough
We ain’t takin it anymore
We’re all joined together
To end the endless war
Against all othered peoples
By the spell of the Us and Them
We won’t adjust to injustice no more

The “spell of the Us and Them” suddenly struck me today, just like a wand that wakes the princess up from a spell. The spell can be broken in a second by the right word or gesture. Or sometimes it takes a series of gestures.

First, we got taken by surprise by a virus that doesn’t understand race or class. This in turn brought into sharp focus how well constructed race and class are that they can increase their effect through a virus that is not even participating. It made us hyperaware of our interdependence.

Well, speaking for myself as a White man, I really tuned into the truth of my health being dependent on your health, regardless of your race or class. Same is true for my sense of safety. So when I saw a Black man lynched on camera by four police officers, I along with millions of other White people felt “Enough is Enough” This affects me too.

And then when I saw police forces escalating violence en mass, I became hyperaware of the interdependence needed to stand up to this Spell. Thich Nhat Hanh described our interconnectedness as Interbeing.

The Spell of the Us and Them is breaking along with my heart.

The interdependence of Racism and Capitalism is coming into sharp focus as well. Neither can exist without the other. And their skins are becoming transparent. We can see their inner workings in detail. And they aren’t that complicated. Something that’s becoming more apparent is that they are not self-sustaining. They must be constantly maintained.  The maintainers are sometimes paid thousands of times more than people with their humanity intact.  

The spell can be broken in an instant just as if we’re jamming and I change my feel, you can join me.  In fact music is the easiest way to stop the maintenance of The Spell.  Every time a Maintainer wakes up from the Spell, untold suffering is released.

Every “you” in the song is addressed to the “Spell of The Us and Them.” Some people call it “The Man.” Others “The Patriarchy”. Now if you are participating in keeping the Spell’s death dance alive, you can choose to identify with the yous. You can make this song a letter to yourself. But that’s up to you. I’m not making the song about anyone in particular. For instance, If you have more money than you need, I’m happy to collaborate with you on ways to make good use of your money to benefit the People. On the other hand, maybe you want more money for yourself. I’m sorry about that hole in your soul that will never be filled. I have one too. It’s a product of the Spell of the Us and Them. I welcome you to sing this song with us while we all fill our holes.

The only ones who can break the Spell of the Us and Them are Us working closely with Them.

Enough is enough
But still you want more
You’re trying divide us
But we’re stronger than before
You think that Black lives matter less than a Target store
We won’t adjust to injustice no more

Enough is enough
But your prayers they are not
Let’s look in your portfolio
Lets’s see what we have got
It can only scratch the surface
Of the looting that endures
We won’t adjust to injustice no more

Enough is enough
We’re not takin it anymore
The power of the people
Is stronger than your laws
Designed to keep you rich
And the othered people poor
We won’t adjust to injustice no more

You can keep on adding more locks to your door
But we won’t adjust to injustice no more

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