Who Am I?

That’s a good question. And like all good questions, there is no answer. I’ve been playing on this Earth going on 64 years. How am I supposed to fit it into a website.

Welcome to my Music Garden. This is the place where everybody is musical. When I play, you are invited to join me.  Under these pictures, you will see listings of some of the things I do. There are lots of links to take you to more information. This site is under construction but I figured it’s more important to serve up what I’m about than looking pretty.

I play easygoing acoustic piano heart softening music
I play call to action music
I play free improv with Moving Edge
I play blue latin funk with Horned Beetle
I play in a play I wrote
Everybody Music Workshops

Through my non-profit comMUSIKey

Music Teaching
Motivational Speaking
Recording Studio
Piano Tuning